Shazam is the app that will answer, “What song is this?” but now the platform has revealed that it’s also capable of something else. During a talk yesterday, Shazam’s VP of product Cait O’Riordan stated that “with relative accuracy, we can predict 33 days out what song will go to number one on the Billboard charts.”

So how is this possible? According to O’Riordan, 100 million users worldwide use Shazam an estimated 20 million times a day. With this much data, Shazam can forecast trends, allowing them to spot when a song is on it’s way to becoming a massive hit. In addition, O’Riordan said the app can also detect the point in a song when people reach for their phone to find out more. For example, when people first heard Kanye’s “Monster,” it wasn’t until Nicki’s verse that they logged onto Shazam. But, who’s surprised about that? *Hair flip*

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