Internet lore (aka very successful trolls) would tell you that Atlanta hip-hop trio Migos far surpass legendary Brits the Beatles, musically and otherwise.

What if (for once) the Internet were right?

Well, a new study at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London is taking aim at the previously infallible Beatles—and be warned, the #takes are absolutely flaming. After completing an in-depth analysis of the Billboard Hot 100 from 1960 to 2010, researchers concluded that, well, the Beatles weren’t that special. Professor Armand Leroi (a senior author of the paper) told The Telegraph that though “music historians all talk about how the Beatles came to American and changed everything,” it’s actually “entirely coincidental.”

“They were good looking boys with great haircuts and British accents but as far as their music was concerned they weren’t anything new,” Leroi continued.

So what has revolutionized pop music most recently? “The impact of hip-hop [read: Migos] has been huge,” says Professor Leroi. “Before that it had all been about synths and drum machines and everything really sounded like Duran Duran.”

A world where everything sounds like Duran Duran is not one we really want to contemplate—so thank you Migos (and, well, the Sugar Hill Gang and DJ Kool Herc and all the people who actually started hip-hop), for saving us. Thanks to The Beatles, too, for giving us (what is apparently) some very good, derivative pop.