Spotify has been hyping up this announcement, crowing from various social media platforms that the streaming service is about to “Change. Your. Life.”

That might have been a bold claim—the only digital update that’s really ever changed my life was the Otterbox ensuring I didn’t have the keep replacing iPhones that seemed to smash themselves. But with a 54% share of the global streaming market, Spotify is certainly in a position to make waves.

With a crowd of about 100 reporters and techies gathered under some confusingly sexy mood lighting, CEO Daniel Ek unveiled plans to incorporate short-form video, podcasts, and original programming into Spotify’s new layout. The video looks especially promising, as the Swedish streaming giant has secured deals with major networks (that already specialize in bite-size content) like Comedy Central, Vice, and Adult Swim.

Ek also hinted towards original content produced by the likes of Tyler, the Creator and Amy Poehler. Tyler will host a radio show, while Poehler’s Smart Girls company will host a Dance Move of the Day.

Spotify will also roll out smart playlists that promise better programming to soundtrack your “moment to moment, day to day.” “Spotify is going to remember what you did,” VP Rochelle King told the crowd, and the new playlists will adjust according to your likes and skips. Totalitarian concerns aside, it sounds promising.

Some less important features: the new Spotify will have playlists that start as you swipe, cutting down on two or three extra taps. They’re also looking to corner the jogging market by rolling out playlists that choose workout songs according to your pace.

Whether this will be enough to keep users away from Tidal and Apple’s incoming Beats Music remains to be seen. But the mood was jubilant at the unveiling, with Ek calling the new features a “massive leap forward,” and celebrities like Questlove, D’Angelo, and Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abby Jacobson gracing the stage. Let’s just hope they can rework those label contracts.