At the beginning of 2014, Los Angeles-based producer/singer Lincoln Jesser released some of the catchiest songs we’d heard in a while. Since then, he’s been pretty quiet, but today he’s back with a stunning new video for his latest song, “In My Place.”

“I wrote ‘In My Place’ right around the turn of the new year,” Jesser explains. “At that point it was getting a little weird in my mental place. I’m still figuring out a lot about myself, about other people, relationships, happiness… but all I really want to accomplish through everything is to be a positive light in the world, and to make art that truly moves people. I like to think I can do those things while generally having fun, but it sort of depends on the day. I fuck up sometimes. I’m just out here trying. I hope people can dance to that.”

For the video, Jesser worked with Jakob Owens and set out to capture beauty and talent through dancer and friend Franchesca Bass. “I think she was sent my way from Indiana by a higher power, for sure,” Jesser says. “Everyone involved with the shoot was amazingly fun and talented. It’s so rewarding to see your friends evolve as artists and creators and people. This video made me so excited to continue creating.”

Watch the “In My Place” video above, and stayed tuned for more from Lincoln Jesser, who has been working with Yuna, GNASH, Beldina, K. Flay, and others.