As technology continues getting more advanced, apps are integrating more aspects of human interaction. There are workout apps that can read your heart rate, calculate your steps, and show you how many calories you’ve burned. Then there are apps like Adidas Go that help choose songs from your Spotify library depending on the speed you’re running.

Now imagine taking that to the next level.

Through Weav, created by Lars Rasmussen (co-creator of Google Maps), musicians can compose songs that change based on the tempo selected to give listeners different experiences. You can be biking along and A$AP Rocky’s “M’$” can morph into a Crookers-style remix for faster speeds, or an OG Ron C chopped not slopped record if you’re walking at a snail’s pace. We’re not talking about just changing the BPM and making the song faster or slower, though.

Artists can specify how the track should change and develop as the tempo is increased or decreased, opening up tremendous new creative possibilities. The artist controls the composition, changing the experience depending on the playback speed chosen by the listener.

Whether or not this particular app catches on, it’s an interesting idea that hints at the possibilities for the future and how we’ll interact with our music via technology. Check out more about what Weav is all about in the video below.