Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

It’s only been a month since Jaden Smith mysteriously vanished from Twitter but anyone that followed him knows that a month without his presence is far too long. Jaden provides his followers with tweets that can often be both insightful and comical.

Thankfully, it looks like Jaden has finally made his return to Twitter (though as of now he has yet to tweet anything). However, his return has already come with one noticeably interesting difference—the only person Jaden is currently following on Twitter is Post Malone. The fact that the “White Iverson” rapper is on Jaden’s radar is already a good sign, but once other people start to take notice that this is the only person he’s following, Post Malone may soon receive a lot more attention from an entirely new audience.

It’s hard to figure out what else this could possibly mean—it’s difficult to understand many of Jaden’s plans as they’re unfolding. Perhaps, this is Jaden Smith’s way of silently promoting new artists that intrigue him? Rather than tweeting a video link out and forcing his followers to take notice, this silent strategy will only gain the attention of his most curious followers.

We’ll have to patiently wait and see if Jaden will continue to only follow Post Malone forever, or maybe he’ll continue this silent promotion by following a new artist each month.

Take a look back at some of Jaden’s best tweets below.