For all the glitz and glamour, fame can have its downsides. No one knows this better than Kanye West, who has faced unrelenting scrutiny on his way to the top. He’s become society’s poster boy for the “angry black male,” a categorization that he has learned to laugh at.

The latest Kanye tabloid fodder had the rapper/designer kicking kids out of Chuck E. Cheese so his daughter could play by herself. As Kanye explained on Hot 97 earlier today, that never happened. He spoke to Hot 97’s Ebro and Nessa about the relentlessness of the news cycle, ignoring the rumors, and loving his new “boring” family life. Stream the interview above, and check out some quotes below:

On Chuck E. Cheese:

So as far as Chuck E. Cheese and stuff like that, it’s a bunch of rumors. They should be paying me just to even be saying they’re name…It’s this constant thing of being used as a punching bag…they think I’m walking around turning over furniture wherever I go.

On facing down stereotypes:

I’ll take the hit, constantly. I have the bravery to take the hit, for people to call me names, my wife, my daughter. But in the last 10 years, have I contributed more, or taken away more?

On adjusting to family life:

I’m completely boring, actually. I get up and go to the studio every day, I’m never at 1 OAK…I’m riding through the ‘burbs with no woes.