At the beginning of the month, Shura released her new single “White Light” and it instantly felt like a sweet and subtle party jam. Now she’s back with the visuals to go along with it. The single had a lengthy instrumental at the ending of the song which made it feel inviting enough to dance to. However, for the video the track is cut down to just the essence of the song.

Shura admitted that “White Light” was inspired by her twin brother so it seems fitting that he would get a starring role within the video. Throughout the video, the other main character can be seen following bright beams of light that lead her on a mysterious journey to find Shura’s brother.

Watch the video above.

UPDATE: Shura originally released the visuals for a shortened version of her single “White Light,” but now she delivers the video in all its glory. The additional scenes in this version give more depth to the sci-fi plot taking place.

Watch below.