There’s no denying that Father John Misty has a pretty distinct voice and sound. Because of that, hearing that he covered Arcade Fire’s song “The Suburbs” is enough to spark the interest of some. Arcade Fire’s version is mid-tempo track but there is still a subtle element of fun embedded into the song. However, Father John Misty’s acoustic cover transformed it into a much more emotionally charged folk song.

To really complete the theme, Father John Misty is seen performing in a small shed with nothing but his guitar and a microphone. His stripped down cover of “The Suburbs” is a bit slower, giving the lyrics the full attention they deserve. Father John Misty’s cover proves just how differently two artists can transform a song just by interpreting the lyrics from a new perspective.

Watch the performance above.

UPDATE: Check out Misty’s interview with NME, in which he provides the backstory behind his cover of “The Suburbs.”