Earlier this year, Kendrick Lamar delivered his highly anticipated To Pimp A Butterfly album full of hard-hitting, eye-opening tracks. However, one of the most uplifting tracks on the entire album is “Alright.” The hook is simple—”We gon’ be alright”—but during tough times, these are precisely the kind of encouraging words that many people truly need to hear.

It seems that the single has grown into much more than just a song for fans to enjoy when they’re feeling down. During a recent protest held by students at Cleveland State University, police harassment lead the crowd of activists to begin chanting Lamar’s “Alright.”

The crowd of student activists were joined together at a Black Lives Matter event. After the police arrested a 14-year-old boy within the crowd, the protesters began to chant until he was released. According to the YouTube user who uploaded the footage, “while everyone was demanding his release, an officer pepper sprayed the crowd and further escalated the situation. In unity and solidarity everyone was demanding that he be released, and we stayed and protested until they released him!”

Watch the footage above.