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Birdman’s become an all-too-familiar sight in hip-hop headlines of late for the poor treatment of his artists. He has directed much of his tormenting efforts toward his former nominal son, Lil Wayne, whether that means barring the release of records or (allegedly) hurling alcoholic beverages at his head.

He’s also believed by many to have played a roll in the attempted murder of Weezy. Today, according to TMZ, additional news broke of Birdman preparing to spar with another superstar rapper: Jay Z.

Cash Money’s head honcho is seeking $50 million from Shawn Carter for streaming FWA, an ironic development given that Wayne wrote and recorded that album to advocate for ridding himself of his label boss. Birdman says he has exclusive rights to all Lil Wayne material, and Tidal’s premiere and hosting of the project violates that contract.

Birdman might have his hands together in an endless rubbing motion, but we can’t imagine this lawsuit will be rewarded with anything near the full damages claimed.

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