Image via Blur's Facebook

Image via Blur’s Facebook

Kanye West is one of music’s most polarizing figures, but for some reason he really hits older rock musicians wrong. Billy Corgan is one of the recent examples that come to mind, and now Blur’s Graham Coxon has voiced his opinion on the rapper. In an interview with The Guardian, Coxon discussed how he feels the music business today is “shit.” When the reporter tries to refute the point by bringing Kanye West up, Coxon quickly shuts him down, stating:

“He’s a fucking idiot, isn’t he? Does he even make his own albums? People aren’t interested in learning instruments and putting effort and time into it. They want it immediately. It’s McDonalds, isn’t it? It’s convenient. But all I hear is a loop starting, some bloke starts to sing or rap, and the loop finishes. There’s no shape to this stuff. And the lyrics just seem to be idiotic.”

Smh. Read Coxon’s full interview here.