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Earlier in July, Noel Gallagher extended his vitriol to EDM poster-child Avicii. He shared his disdain in an interview with NME, which transpired days ahead of his T in The Park festival performance. He served as the closing day’s main-stage headliner. Avicii played that same stage the day before.

Pressed about the other artists slated to perform, he scathingly signaled out the DJ, adding, “Don’t worry, I can save [the festival] after that.”

Lending some credence to the former Oasis rocker’s jabs is Deadmau5, who posted an online tirade lamenting his contemporary’s inability to actually do something at his shows, which often cost fans a pretty penny.

“look, you MADE the fucking track, you HAVE the stems (at least you BETTER have them fucking stems),” he wrote. “DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Youre a fucking act. youre beyond a CD player. at least YOU FUCKING BETTER BE if im going to pay 100 bucks to watch you.”

You can read through Deadmau5’s blog post in its entirety here.