Image via FKA twigs on Tumblr

Image via FKA twigs on Tumblr

Whether through her music or through the external pieces that breathe new life into her sounds, FKA twigs has never been one to accept creativity’s status quo. She seems poised to outdo herself once more with Soundtrack 7.

Starting today, July 9, the artist will initiate a ten-day residency at the Manchester International Festival. The live performance project will combine multiple artistic mediums, ranging from film and dance to singing and instrumentation, and include private Q&A sessions and audience involvement.

Soundtrack 7 itself will manifest in four sets. For those unable to attend, the experience exists online—a dark, masterfully designed window into the process’ inner workings that, for now, remain largely clouded. Spinning tiles move across the webpage; all are grey but for one, which contains the above artwork and the name of another vocalist and previous FKA collaborator, Lucki Eck$.

An eerie and airy short clip of music, which automatically plays upon entering the site, might serve as a teaser of this first song.

Any and all FKA fans should watch for new material from twigs in the coming days. Immerse yourself in the Inside Soundtrack 7 website here.

UPDATE: FKA twigs has updated her website with new images, GIFs, videos, and snippets of new music from the residency. Check them all out here.