Throughout his career, Jay Electronica has been able to keep a level of mystery intact. He certainly does things his own way, and because of that it can often be very difficult to guess or even understand what his next move is. Yesterday he made yet another move that may simultaneously leave many fans confused but excited.

Yesterday, Jay Electronica decided to interact a bit with some fans on Twitter when things took a strange turn. After seeing a fan named Rob getting made fun of by multiple friends on Twitter, Jay took some interest in him and decided to contact him saying that he would personally send him new music for him to do whatever he pleases with it.

Before doing so, Jay took Rob under his wing and even renamed him Raab, saying: “Your new name is Raab (pronounced the same way). Spell it that way and watch how your entire life changes. Learn what it means.” According to Wikipedia, “Rab is an Arabic word meaning Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher. In Islam, Ar-Rabb is often used to address Allah, although Ar-Rabb is not one of the 99 names (or attributes) of Allah.”

All of this may have started some so-called friends taking easy shots at poor Raab, but one thing is for certain, Raab definitely has the last laugh now. As well as an immense amount of power in his hands. According to his Twitter, Raab already has Jay Electronica’s phone number but he has not received the new song as yet. There’s no doubt that everyone’s eyes will be glued to every single thing young Raab tweets from this day forward.

View the exchange below.

(Mass Appeal)