Back in September, Kendrick Lamar released the attention-grabbing cover art for his single “i” which portrayed two opposing gang members dressed in all red and blue forming hearts with their hands. The photo represented the unity Kendrick Lamar wants to see in a hope to put an end to gang violence.

The photos of Kendrick Lamar’s first Reebok sneaker have been revealed and they continue with this same trend and mentality. Rather than making the sneakers available in separate colors, Kendrick’s version of the Reebok Ventilators come with blue accents on the left side and red accents on the right—forcing these two strongly represented colors to come together.

The gang references were clearly a conscious choice for the Compton native and the tongue of the sneaker features the word “neutral” in bold font to make sure Kendrick’s opinions are heard loud and clear.

The sneakers are expected to be available as soon as July 18 for €130 or about $143.