Image via BBC

Image via BBC

Storied music journalist, radio host, and motorbiking fan Mary Anne Hobbs sat down with Kendrick Lamar this past weekend for a BBC Radio 6 interview. Lamar, overseas for his anticipated Wireless Fest performance, walked Hobbs through his early years and current creative endeavors.

Plenty of highlights popped up in conversation. Echoing statements he’s made in previous discussions, Lamar talked of his tendency as a young kid to observe adults, as well as his appreciation of English class at school.

“I had a lot of friends,” he said, reflecting. “Even when I wasn’t trying to make friends, they were always drawn to me. Maybe because I stayed to myself, I don’t know. It was one of those things where I didn’t vie for a lot of attention but I got it anyway.”

K. Dot apparently knew when to turn on his academic jets, not always giving his all but doing enough to secure high marks. Clever slackers everywhere, rejoice.

Lamar has long called himself an introspective thinker, even an introvert. He expanded on that concept to Hobbs: “When I say state of myself, it was really me watching cartoons and writing and watching movies… really just trying to figure out how things worked.”

There’s a lot here worth digesting, from the first time picking up a mic (the story is a bit similar to Jay Z’s) to his all-time hero to the inner workings of Compton. Listen to the entire interview below.