As they continue the summer whirlwind of festival shows, TV appearances, and radio interviews, Run The Jewels somehow manages to keep things fresh. This time around, DJ Whoo-Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle show was the setting, and Bill O’Reilly cropped up in the discussion.

After running through some standard fare (how they met, an enlightening discussion on their “Close Your Eyes” video, and Mike’s ability to schmooze with politicians), the conversation turns to Killer Mike’s almost-appearance on conservative figurehead Bill O’Reilly’s show. Mike never made it on the show, he claims, because O’Reilly “fucked it up” when he faced charges of domestic assault before Mike could get on the show, allegedly dragging his wife down stairs and choking her. “You’re a woman beater,” Mike says, referring to O’Reilly. “There you go, cocksucker.” The exchange happens around the 10:30 mark.