Purveyor of all things based and positive, Lil B did something incredibly uncharacteristic last night. Every now and then, Lil B has said something controversial, or even dodgy, but this latest comment comes at a particularly bad time. The backlash began after Lil B bizarrely saying, “I might start saying I’m trans and I’m a woman so I can be in the girls Locker room with the ladies !!!!!! No homo I’m still growin – Lil B.”

He followed that tweet up with, “Ok well I already got enough backlash so I feel bad now and I apologize to all humans and I see that everyone goes thru struggles,” which would have been a good place to stop. Things only got worse from there, though, as he attempted to explain his comments. “I got love for the gays!” he protested in a follow-up tweet, before undermining himself in the same tweet by saying “I want to attract more good people and women that love me! Not men turned women :(.”

He later went on to refer to transitioning as a “new science,” before admitting that he’s insecure. From this point on, it became a chance for him to do something very few artists have the courage to do: admit what he said is wrong. “I am transphobic and I need help to learn to accept I’m scared because I’m not comfortable with my self,” he eventually said.

He finished off the series of tweets by stating that he’s “still insensitive” and immature. Hopefully this is a chance for Lil B to grow as a person and continue to spread love, positivity, and understanding especially towards a community that needs just that. Read all the tweets in the gallery above.