This is one of the advantages of being a legend: you can say yes to anything that comes across your publicist’s desk, and chances are it’ll still rate well. In this regard, Snoop Dogg takes no prisoners: remember his amazing sock-sponsored painting commercial?

But while Snoop’s appearance as a judge on the Korean “survival rap” competition may seem random, let’s not forget that Uncle Snoop is the ultimate diplomat. This is proof that he’s beloved the world over. The competition is called “Show Me The Money,” and Snoop’s guest episode features a horde of Korean rappers taking the mic from one another and rapping for Snoop, who seems highly amused by the whole thing. He thinks most of them are “dope.”

The editing for this clip is as insane as the competition itself—lots of stop-and-rewinds, slow-mos, and long reaction shots. The equally strange announcement of Snoop’s involvement is below. Apparently it was filmed in “ultimate secrecy,” because Korea. Thank you, internet.