There are so many different ways to stream music these days, and most of the services are pretty similar. So similar, in fact, that when it comes to how consumers decide which one to use, the main factors really come down to which service can provide the best deal. In an attempt to compete with the recently launched Apple Music, Tidal will be following Apple’s footsteps by offering lower family plan pricing for monthly subscriptions.

Today Tidal announced that the service will be offering a 50% discount when subscribers add up to four additional users to the same account. The original subscriber of the premium package, for example, would pay the standard $10 for the monthly subscription, while each additional user would only pay $5.

It’s clear that this new announcement is a response to Apple Music’s family plan, which allows a single user to pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription or up to six people to pay only $14.99 total for a family plan. For only two customers sharing an account, both Tidal and Apple Music are just $14.99. However, Tidal charges $5 for each additional user on the account where six users would manage to only pay $2.50 each with a shared Apple Music account.

As for now, Apple Music remains the better bargain but we can all assume everyone over at Tidal is brainstorming on another way to get ahead.