In the months leading up to the release of Amy—the feature-length documentary about Amy Winehouse’s life—multiple clips have surfaced, making the wait to see the full film feel that much longer. The varied short clips have proved just how emotional this documentary is going to be. We’ve already seen happier moments like a young teenaged Amy singing, somber moments like Amy discussing depression, as well as a full trailer.

Now, just a few days before the documentary’s nationwide release in the U.S. on Friday, yet another clip has surfaced. In this new clip, Amy Winehouse is seen in a candid moment during a session with Mark Ronson as they recorded “Back to Black.” Ronson speaks about the moment during clip, admitting, “I just caught her at that magic moment.” Watching Amy sing the song a cappella makes the whole process look almost effortless for her.

Watch the short clip above.