This past year, Future faced critics’ doubts and the public destruction of his relationship with Ciara. He responded by embarking on a mixtape run that rivals any Wayne had in his heyday. With MonsterBeast Mode, and 56 Nights already in our playlists—and the release of Dirty Sprite 2 just days away—rap’s astronaut took the time to provide context to all that’s gone down since Honest in a multi-part mini-doc, Like I Never Left.

The artist sat down with Elliot Wilson to open up about his failures and successes, noting the need to give his fans “ratchet,” booming music.

Watch Future Hendrix share his thoughts and insights above, and preorder Dirty Sprite 2 on iTunes here. The additional documentary pieces will drop later this week.

Watch the second part of Future’s Like I Never Left documentary below.

Future discusses his partnership with DJ Esco and how having his music played in Atlanta’s famous Magic City helped him gain a buzz in part three of the mini-documentary. DS2 drops tonight at midnight.

In the fourth component of Future’s Like I Never Left documentary, the Atlanta star sings the English nursery rhyme “London Bridge” and asserts the importance of extracting melody from even the simplest sources.

Here’s the fifth installment in the Like I Never Left series, in which Future says he couldn’t care less about Russell Wilson dating Ciara and emphasizes the importance of making mistakes only to come back stronger.

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