Miley Cyrus hosted the VMAs last night, and it’s safe to say she didn’t exactly knock it out the park. Her pre-recorded sketches with Snoop Dogg and Tyga were embarrassing, focusing far too much on her love for weed (cool!), and her outfits were questionable, to say the least. Her biggest offense of the night, however, was the way she made everything about herself in some way—her out-of-place comment after Justin Bieber’s admittedly impressive performance being just one example.

Not many were people were fans of her attempt at hosting duties going by the reaction on Twitter last night. Chance the Rapper in particular definitely wasn’t impressed, with him posting a number of critical tweets regarding her hosting. He wasn’t too big on her sketches or dreads, but he was especially critical of her use of the word “mammy” while introducing yet another mediocre sketch. The word has historically been associated with a highly offensive racial caricature.

It should also be noted that Miley, once again, dismissed Nicki Minaj’s valid critique of the VMAs because she was confronted and didn’t know what to do. For all the good Miley has done as an advocate for homeless and LGBT issues, her hosting at the VMAs was at best insensitive and at worst highly offensive, not to mention awkward throughout.

See all of Chance’s tweets above.