You always hear these touching stories about artists performing to their biggest fans, but in this case it could very well be true for once. A very lucky elephant had a song written about him on Damon Albarn’s solo album Everyday Robots last year, and that song was called “Mr. Tembo.” The song was released as a single, and was actually named after the baby elephant itself. Albarn has since revisited the elephant for a special treat of sorts.

Albarn’s daughter Missy posted a video of Albarn performing the song on an acoustic guitar to Mr. Tembo, who looks like he’s not really a baby anymore. The video, while brief, shows the elephant more curious as to what the hell is going on rather than excited to see him again. Okay, so he doesn’t exactly look like your standard brit pop fan, but he’s not getting violent so he must be enjoying it.

The brief clip ends with Tembo nudging Albarn with his trunk, possibly because he’s wondering where that new Gorillaz album is just like the rest of us, but who knows what the elephant is really trying to say. Perhaps if the video were a bit longer maybe we’d see a recreation of that famous Animal House scene but with an elephant instead, which would be very weird but also very cool. Watch the video above, and feel weird as you envy an elephant for the first time in your life.