The video for L.A.-based singer Jordan Raf’s “Asphalt” feels as if it could be the opening credits for a snuff film art-directed by a Tumblr teen. It craftily weaves incongruous images into a lo-fi minute and fifty seconds that’s simultaneously charming and a bit unsettling. Or, as Raf puts it:

“My first video was supposed to be an expensive disaster. A beautiful and shiny polemic about gender, sexuality and American inequities. But I don’t have the budget for that shit. I’m still in college. So you’ll have to make due with these stoned wanderings in a pixelated wifebeater through Mexico. It’s like like a Touch of Evil shot by the low-budget Latin equivalent of Harmony Korine.”

Seedy, strange, and bright, it’s an unexpected accompaniment to a song that lies at the cross-roads of indie R&B and mellow surf rock (King Krule might be the most useful comparison for overall aesthetic).

“This disoriented bender of raw footage was captured earlier this year,” says Raf. “I was heartbroken and went to Mexico with my friend, Tucker. There’s a whole other story that I’ll tell you if you buy me enough mescaline to make it worth my while. Somehow, I’m alive.”

“In the meantime, there’s this document of my heartache and excess through Baja, another idiot American searching for some meaning among the starving dogs and shady alleys.”

Watch above and get lost in the floating, lived nightmare of Jordan Raf’s “Asphalt.”