Last month Prince surprised fans with a new track called “HARDROCKLOVER,” now he’s back with a bigger announcement. He will be joining forces with Tidal to release his forthcoming album HITNRUN.

On September 7, Prince will release his new, experimental album HITNRUN  exclusively through Tidal. A partnership between Prince and Tidal seems like an unthinkable union, considering the fact that Prince has never really been a big fan of the internet, or technology for that matter. In the past few months, it’s felt like good news about Tidal have been few and far between but hopefully this will prove to be a turn for the better.

According to the press release, this partnership “has been in the works for some months, but was quickly cemented out of mutual admiration and respect and a profound belief in artists’ rights.” The union began back in May when Tidal streamed the first hour of Prince’s “Rally 4 Peace” concert in Baltimore.  “Prince has always been a visionary, a free-thinker. We’re honored to offer his breadth of work,” said Jay Z of this new partnership.