Here’s the most baffling/entertaining/scarring clip you’ll likely encounter while perusing the internet this week: a Teletubbies cover of Die Antwoord’s 2012 single, “I Fink U Freeky.” The nightmarish piece of content conflates a TV show designed for toddlers with one of the least tasteful attempts to make a hit since the turn of the decade. A notable quotation, interspersed between expletives: “We’re gonna have a nice time kids.” Well alright, then.

Opinions notwithstanding, Las Vegas-based video editor Robert Jones has a viral smash on his hands. The creative with evident insight into what will spark online chatter has released countless mashup visuals in years past, with each generating views ranging from 50,000 to ten-plus million.

Shouts to the web for engendering such a terrifyingly addicting thing. Watch the video above, and do your best to keep any children as far away as possible.