The Weeknd was once a mysterious person that the public barely knew anything about or even got a chance to catch a glimpse of. His current single “Can’t Feel My Face” is the song of the summer—currently making him the top played artist on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio.

Though still a bit too timid for interviews, he’s begun to open up more. In his most recent interview with GQ, The Weeknd discusses a wide range of topics from horror films to Kanye West. He even modeled Kanye’s latest Adidas Yeezy collection for the GQ shoot. Here are a few excerpts:

On his music being “too dark” for some listeners:
“It makes me feel good. How much is too much? Some people love PG horror movies and some people love R rated horror movies.”

On the time he watched Ed Sheeran battle rap Waka Flocka Flame:
“I wrote a song with Ed Sheeran that was kind of spontaneous. He was hosting the Much Music Awards in Toronto and I invited him, and pretty much the entire awards show, to my condo to party. It went on until about 5 in the morning but we didn’t write the song until that next day, so you can imagine how that night went. Ed also did a freestyle battle with Waka Flocka in my kitchen. That was pretty dope. Good times.”

On Kanye West and his new clothing line:
“I really felt like he targeted someone like me. The camo, the army look, the black boots, the nonchalant kind of vagrant look. I relate to it. It relates to my story. Kanye is such a great friend of mine as well, when he asked me I couldn’t say no. It was the least I could do.”

Read the full interview here.

Get a better look at Kanye West’s clothing line as The Weeknd models in the pieces below.