It took me a couple listens to come around on Jay Rock’s “90059.” The song uncorks with a brash ferocity that, aside from recalling the legend ODB, can be tough to listen to if you’re not ready to get up on Jay’s level.

The video helps you get there. Directed by PANAMÆRA & The Little Homies, “90059” starts with a muzzled Jay Rock getting carted around by fellow TDE member SZA, who appears for the first couple of minutes to impart some fresh melodies and bouncing red locks.

“90059” doesn’t start in earnest until Jay gets his hands on some adrenaline pills and has his mask removed. It’s then that everything goes red, and the video spikes accordingly.

Not that we’d expect anything less from TDE, but the video is gorgeous, creative, and engaging despite the simple concept and mysterious narrative. Watch above.