Chris Cartier isn’t fucking around, and he wants to make that obvious with “Minimum Wage.” Straight from the Bronx with success on his mind, Cartier is offering a decidedly blunt depiction of what reality can be for so many Americans. There’s no dancing around the subject here—this is a hungry track about dealing with hunger. His direct delivery leaves little room for interpretation, and the sparse beat takes full advantage of that.

The video keeps things as minimal as the track itself, mostly serving the purpose of showcasing Cartier’s impressive energy. Directed by F.TrackFilms, the stark video shines a light on the grim realities as well as Cartier’s own hunger. His energy is infectious, the type of shit that makes it easy to want to strive for better.

Look out for more from Cartier later this year when he releases his next project, Black Suburbia, sometime in September.