With Elderbrook’s Travel Slow EP due for release next month, the U.K. producer has started the promotional portion off with a bang on “Be There Soon.” The video returns to the days of stop-motion animation, with frontman Alexander Kotz assuming his clay form over the pleasant electronic rhythms of the EP’s lead single.

There’s something truly infectious about the combination of Elderbrook’s hushed, reverential production and the endless flickers of animation. Kotz worked with animator Lauren Gregory on the video, who had previously painted his video for “Could.” Kotz sent short videos of himself walking and performing tasks to Gregory, who would then convert them to claymation. The bits of moss and ferns that Gregory collected in Tennessee became an environment in which the clay Elderbrook frolics, and the video creates a world unto itself as a result.

Travel Slow is due out on August 21. Watch the mesmerizing video for “Be There Soon” above.