Record label Friends of Friends initiates a multi-part music series with “Timestamp,” a pensive single crafted by Boston-based producer M|O|O|N and guest vocalist Sara Z. The record is a strong start for a FOF campaign that will last well into the autumn months.

Reportedly the nephew of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, M|O|O|N dabbles in downcast electro and pattering piano notes. The video, created by Sage Caswell, suggests an awed mentality as captivated as the song itself by everyday things that comprise our understanding of life. Sara quite literally rambles on, transfixed by this and that.

Watch “Timestamp” above or stream it below. If you enjoyed this effort from M|O|O|N’s song and want more of what’s to come from this FOF series, be sure to read through the release schedule.

September 4: Lorenzo and Mina – “Tombura”
September 11: Luka ft. Laura Darlington – “Shimmer”
September 25: Cory Jreamz – “Vices”
October 2: Cromie – “ZA”
October 30: Mechatok – “Mass Appeal”
November 6: O’Flynn – “Ivory”