To call what Future and Drake have done for “Where Ya At” merely a “music video” feels cheap. At the same time, I’m not sure I’d call it a movie. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck this is, but I know that it’s absolutely, mind-bogglingly beautiful and I’m here to share this with you and discuss.

The only way that feels right to do this, is to show the notes I took while I watched it that I wrote down on a napkin I found next to me:

1) Future looks great in red hats. Better than Carmen Sandiego, but not quite as good as Santa Claus.
2) If I ever get lucky enough to be on a roof with Future, I only hope and pray that Metro Boomin and DJ Esco are invited.
3) Reminder: point at my friends more when we dance together. It looks cool and also encouraging. Double win.
4) That is the cleanest fucking window I’ve ever seen. Is it a window? Is it a mirror? What is this that Drake is singing into.
5) Drake looks tired. He also kinda sassy with that eye roll tbh.
6) SO interested in the backstory about how the presidential dinner meeting idea came about. My gut says Future was like, “Drake I want to have us like sitting in suits around a dinner table that kind of looks like a mix between the Oval Office and the Situation Room.” And Drake was all, “As long as we’re drinking Malbec, I’ll go anywhere.”
7) God damn does DJ Esco have the fucking MOVES y’all! I’m honestly in awe.
8) Ending kind of feels like it could lead into the next Fast And Furious movie

Thank you Future. Thank you Drake. Thank you for this.