Although GoldLink isn’t as mysterious as he was about a year ago, he still doesn’t seem too fond of making appearances in his videos. Today he delivers a new video for his latest single “Dance On Me.” Judging by the lyrics, the visuals could’ve included various sexy scenarios. However, that’s not the approach GoldLink took this time.

GoldLink explained in an email to The FADER, “Moms said she loves ‘Dance On Me’ but the lyrics are Rated R.” As a bit of a compromise, GoldLink made some PG-rated visuals that his mother could enjoy. The video begins as the protagonist is called down to his shop to clean up after some kids have apparently broken in—only to find out it’s a lot more than “some” kids, and they haven’t left yet. Halfway through his panic, the lead character decides if he can’t kick them out, he might as well join the party. GoldLink shared the fun video with a cute message to his mother: “Mom, I made you a video that’s PG.”

Watch the video above.