Image via The New Yorker / Jason Nocito

Image via The New Yorker / Jason Nocito

Grimes has always been quite outspoken, and in the last few months she’s begun to open up even more than before. Recently, she sat down with DAZED for an in-depth interview. This time, we get a further look into the mind of the young artist thanks to thorough profile from The New Yorker.

In the lengthy article, Grimes discusses an array of topics including her eclectic DJ sets, her influences, doing everything herself, and most importantly, her frustration with men receiving more credit than women in the music industry.

Grimes admits that she feels she won’t receiver the rightful recognition she deserves unless she produces, writes and engineers all of her music by herself. “I can’t use an outside engineer,” she says. “Because, if I use an engineer, then people start being, like, ‘Oh! That guy just did it all.'” Grimes is working hard to come out on top in this male-dominated industry, and empower other female artists on her way. “It’s a mostly male perspective—you’re mostly hearing male voices run through female performers,” says Grimes. “I think some really good art comes of it, but it’s just, like, half the population is not really being heard.”

Decades ago, the music industry ran by a particular formula that included the mastermind producer conducting various girl groups—Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, sees herself taking on both those roles, with ease. “It’s like I’m Phil Spector, and then there’s Grimes, which is the girl group.”

Within the article, Grimes takes a moment to open up about her upcoming album—that she has yet to reveal the name for. She explained that she sees it as her “first proper album,” admitting that her previous releases were a bit too “rushed and unfinished.” However, Grimes has had ample time to complete this next album, as well as get useful feedback and advise from others. She revealed that before letting her label hear new material, she actually played music for Jay Z. “Jay Z gave me a talk about being more confident when I play music,” she says. “So I’m trying to implement that now.”

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