During her show at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil on Sunday, Katy Perry brought up a fan on stage, but things did not go as planned.

Now, we get it. Being in front of a huge audience with one of the world’s biggest pop stars is intimidating. Most non-celebrities are not used to being a stage this large, and it’s to be expected that things would get awkward. But this Katy Perry fan was on another level.

Upon her arrival to the stage, the fan immediately latched on to Perry and started kissing her neck, and things just got stranger from there. Multiple times throughout the whole fiasco, Perry looked completely weirded out and the only explanation she could come up with was drugs: “She’s rolling,” Perry said as she looked to the audience.

The fan has taken to Twitter to defend herself, explaining that she wasn’t drunk. Her tweets are in Portuguese, but the gist of it is: “If they said that I was drunk, they have not seen me drunk. A thousand times crazier.”