Plenty of artists proudly rep their roots, but few artists will go to the lengths that Miles from Kinshasa does. Originally from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hence the name, Miles is a London-based artist making punchy R&B that’s as much a throwback as it is a slice of the future. His debut song, and the self-directed video to go along with it, make a pretty bold proclamation of who he is.

The bouncy and rugged production on “IVRY” provides a suitable but juxtaposing base for Miles’ smooth vocals. The video, which features Miles himself menacingly dancing towards camera with a balaclava, compliments the song beautifully thanks to its foreboding VHS crackle. The intense swagger of Miles as he never breaks line of sight with the camera as he struts down the street contrasts with the infectious nature of the track, but it still works as a cohesive package thanks to its wonderful mix of familiar and unfamiliar elements.

It’s a brilliantly confident debut, one that doesn’t give away everything Miles is capable of all at once, offering a lot of promise regarding his future as an artist. As far as debut tracks go, this is one of 2015’s coolest yet. Expect to hear more from Miles in the near future.