When it comes to music interviews, Nardwuar is a legend. Don’t let his quirky personality or eclectic fashion sense fool you; the guy is a professional. His knowledge is unparalleled, and he always does his homework.

Almost exactly 30 years ago, Nardwuar conducted his first interview, and to celebrate three decades in the game, he decided to share it. From Nardwuar:

30 years ago today – Sept 26 1985 – I did my first interview ! It was with Art Bergmann and his band Poisoned. Art had also played in an amazing Vancouver punk band called Young Canadians. On their second EP This is Your Life they thanked my high school in their liner notes! I was shocked! Being the president of the student council I decided they would be a great band for the first dance of the school year. The Young Canadians had broken up but Art was rockin’ with his new band Poisoned. They wanted $1400 bucks and I talked them down to, um, $1398 because in my mind that number would look cheaper to the teachers! Now that the band was secured, when the night arrived I got my buddy Glen Winter to get a video camera for an interview with Art, because I just had to find out why he thanked our high school! So on Sept 26, 1985 I did my first interview! Doot doo !

Narwuar will be talking about his interviews for a Video Vault event in Vancouver on Friday, October 2. Get more info on that here.

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Doot doo!