Before her recent breakthrough release as a solo artist, Sia was well-known for writing and producing songs for some of the biggest pop stars in the music industry. As a figure behind the scenes, she had to deal with rejections to proposed songs a lot of the time. Now, she has so many rejected songs that she’s releasing a project full of them, but with her vocals instead of the pop star she originally intended the song to be for. The first single from the album, which is titled This Is Acting, was originally meant for Adele’s next album.

Speaking with Zane Lowe yesterday on Beats 1 about the song, Sia said, “I thought this one was such a smash, but Adele just wasn’t feeling it.” She revealed that she does in fact have a song on Adele’s new album, even though Adele wasn’t that big of a fan of “Alive.” She also said that she’s been working on new material with Beyoncé, but she didn’t say when or where that music will show up.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is that Sia revealed in the same interview that she’s been working with FKA twigs. Her opinion on twigs is, of course, very high, with her saying that she “needs to take over the world. There is something very unique and amazing about her.” She added that she was a very “interesting” artist to work with, but she didn’t reveal any more information regarding the collaborative material. Sia’s This Is Acting is due for release early next year, so hopefully we’ll hear some of these tracks relatively soon.