Rotterdam-based singer Sevdaliza’s creative output feels commendably deliberate. Songs like recent single “Marilyn Monroe” and latest release “That Other Girl” build with purpose and sonic efficiency—you might compare the latter to an FKA Twigs song, but a devotion to carefully groomed minimalism suggests a different agenda.

Sevdaliza’s impressively developed aesthetics—cover art, photographs, videos—point to a similar specificity in her visual choices. New video “That Other Girl” continues her trend of intriguing, concerted creations. Thrilling, experimental visual artists Pussykrew pair “That Other Girl” with an uncanny 3D world, eerily still and replete with surfaces that seem to be melting, bodies trapped in writhing forms, and Sevdaliza’s plastic likeness cast in a variety of gleaming, surreal outfits and accessories. “That Other Girl” beguiles for its three minute run time, an engrossing accompaniment to one of the singer’s strongest songs yet.

Sevdaliza will be performing select shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London this fall, including Pigeons & Planes’ first UK edition of No Ceilings. Info and tickets here.

September 12th: Magneet Festival – Amsterdam
October 17th: ADE Festival – Amsterdam
October 19th: Pigeons & Planes’ No Ceilings Showcase – London
October 21st: Berghain Kantine – Berlin