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“In the 90’s I was made fun of for having many passions, wanting to express in many forms (comedy, design, acting, music, prose, public speaking, dance, science, academia, etc.)—as though we could only be ONE THING,” Alanis Morissette explains in the introduction post on her new blog. “I don’t know anyone who is ONE THING.”

Her site will explore passions like feminism, art, travel, health, spirituality, psychology, and relationships.

On top of the new blog, Alanis is launching a podcast called Conversation With Alanis Morissette. “I’ve been having deep-dive conversations about all that I care so deeply about, for such a long time, privately. I am thrilled to now share them with you on my podcast. I’ll be having conversations with authors and doctors and artists and activists about health and wellness, art, relationships, feminism, spirituality, psychology and education…and more.”

Check out the first episode below, and see more on Alanis Morissette’s blog.

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