Arch Jr. may only be three years old, but he’s already been DJing most of his life. After his father downloaded some music software for himself, Arch Jr. started messing around and discovered a not-so-hidden talent.

His skills on the decks have taken the South African toddler all the way to prime time. He recently performed on South Africa’s Got Talent, and turned in a set so face-meltingly cute that the audience and judges alike could not keep it together. And DJ Arch Jr. isn’t just pressing play—there is some serious knob-twisting going on, not to mention a drop that sends the teary-eyed audience into hysterics. It’s all delivered with a stone-faced demeanor that shows this kid is not messing around.

The show’s judges thought as much—they sent the tiny musician straight to the semi-finals. Publicity stunt? Perhaps. TV gold? Absolutely. And if the clip above doesn’t satiate your baby DJ need, check out this BBC video of DJ Arch Jr. from last year.