As SoundCloud shifts its focus from fostering an organic community to brokering major label deals, the culture associated with the streaming platform is changing. We’ve seen more and more artists and companies gaming the system, and this email promising SoundCloud views is a sad example of what’s going on. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how these services operate, take a look.

“80K Soundcloud plays only $37 treat your self,” the subject line reads, before going on to promise plays and downloads for money.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.13.26 PM

On the website, they further explain their business:

You have checked out our site for the simple reason you are looking to increase Soundcloud plays, downloads and or comments for your track you believe is the best around and people need to listen to it. You have come to the RIGHT PLACE! offers our clients the chance to buy real Soundcloud plays at the lowest price. We know how important it is to maintain the image that you have which is why we offer an organic service with a reasonable turnaround time. We look for long term business relationship with everyone of our clients no matter if you are an up and coming artist or like many of our clients major acts. When you gain Soundcloud plays you will gain the respect from the people from the outside looking for new tracks to download. You will also have a chance to be noticed by a record label so taking the opportunity to buy cheap Soundcloud plays from our company or marketing your track across all social networks is vital if you are going to hit your target. is the main source for supplying Soundcloud services which is why we hold the credibility we do.

Here are some of the specific SoundCloud deals they offer:

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And it’s not just plays. They offer likes, downloads, and even comments:

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This company offers similar services for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram:

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“When you sign up for an ‘Auto’ likes package, our system will automatically send likes to your new pictures. The idea is simple: our system automatically scans your profile all day for new pictures. Each time you post a new picture we’ll start sending likes to it within 60 Seconds. The number of likes you receive depends on the package you choose. This service is unique to, and it is the best Instagram service for increasing your popularity! When purchasing from us, you’re guaranteed satisfaction. Our team of highly experienced social media experts will take Instagram services to the next level; we provide you with service quality you’ve never seen before. This is our promise, and we keep it unlike many of these other providers.”

Our take on it:

Don’t fall for these types of scams. The point of social services is to connect with people who are interested in what you’re doing, not to fool users into thinking you’re popular. Fake likes might make you look good in the short-term, but ultimately it’s the online equivalent of paying people to come to your party. For any creator trying to start a career, the goal should be to create compelling content. The likes, shares, and listens all work themselves out once you start doing that.

It’s a shame that every time an organic community pops up and starts to make an impact, businesses like this one jump at the opportunity to game the system.