Tyler, the Creator has had a lot of ups and downs this year. His Golf Media app continues to grow, he finally released his own magazine, and created his own animated series—just to name a few. While all of these great things were happening, Tyler has also had to deal with people petitioning to ban him from the UK and Australia due to a claim that Tyler’s lyrics “encourage violence and intolerance of homosexuality.”

In the past, Tyler has never been the kind of artist to apologize for upsetting people or even make comments on these sorts of things, but Tyler has matured a bit in the past few years. Yesterday, he tackled the topic and take of advantage of his freedom of speech by releasing a new song simply titled, “Fuck It.”

As expected, the song has immediately earned mixed reactions. Collective Shout—an Australian activist group that campaigns against the objectification of women and sexualization of girls in media—made a statement about Tyler’s new song. The feminist group told AAP, that Tyler hasn’t changed at all. Collective Shout’s campaigns manager Caitlin Roper refers to the song as a “tantrum” saying that the lyrics “rely on the exploitation of women to generate profits.”

While some fans think Tyler has changed and matured over time, Roper begs to differ:

While he may have been a young man when he wrote music describing raping women, mutilating their bodies, locking them in his basement and raping their corpses, he’s not a child anymore, and he is yet to grow up and take responsibility for what he has put out into the world.

This isn’t the first time Collective Shout have made an effort to take a stand against artists with offensive lyrics. Roper also pointed out in her statement that “Collective Shout partnered with a coalition of domestic violence organizations in 2014 calling on the government to deny Eminem a visa.”