Kanye West’s twitter account woke briefly from its slumber this morning to share a link. The link led to an In Camera interview, a discussion between Kanye and Lou Stoppard. You can watch it above, but be warned—there’s not much in the way of music. It’s a choice Kanye’s made with increasing frequency, opting instead to discuss his fashion philosophies and clothing line.

But the interview still has its moments. Highlights include Kanye’s absolute hatred for the color —“I don’t use blue, it bugs me out”—and how being famous has helped him in the fashion industry—“People remind me in every meeting how famous I am… You need fame to sell your shit, that’s why people pay for advertisers.”

He shares plenty of insightful quotes over the interview’s two hours, but the real passion was happening in the live comments section. Most of Kanye’s fan base is tuning in on musical grounds, and desperation grows with every interview that doesn’t mention SWISH. There are those that promise to follow Kanye “to hell and back,” but they’re outnumbered. Check the wide range of reactions below.