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“I want to leave the meaning of the video open for interpretation & conversation,” Leks Rivers says of his new video for “Soho Knights.”

The rising 20-year-old London producer/singer released an impressive trio of songs in the form of the Project Nomad EP, and his new video gives people a better idea of what he’s all about—but it doesn’t give away too much. “Hopefully people will pick up on all the hidden messages we wove into this visual tapestry,” he explains. “We worked hard to piece together a unique experience for you that will stand the test of time whether you’re high or sober. I can’t wait to see the theories and ideas they come up with, especially from what they may have thought the record was about upon first listens.”

The video was directed by Rick Stanton, and Ezra Lloyd Jackson contributed graphics.

Leks Rivers will be performing next Monday, October 19, when we bring No Ceilings to London for the first time. Buy tickets here.