There’s plenty of songs about parties and how much fun they can be to attend, but there’s a distinct lack of songs regarding the other feelings parties can evoke. The anxieties that come with extensive social interaction and the pressure to impress can make parties a terrifying experience for many, and St. Louis’ Ravenna Golden is astutely aware of this. “Sparkly” finds itself somewhere between braggadocio and dread, treading the line between self-assurement and self-doubt.

Produced by and featuring P&P favorite Dylan Brady, “Sparkly” is another strong showing for the burgeoning St. Louis-based collective HELLA. Acting as somewhat of an anthem for the millennial or internet-born outsider, the song sports vivid production and a sly hook that could only exist in 2015. The conceptual iPhone-shot video takes its modernism a step further, sporting an inventive use of selfie sticks. The video puts real images to its digital sound, and the resulting visuals are memorably unique within moments.

Not only is the video for “Sparkly” one of the only good things to come from the use of a selfie stick, but it’s also one of the only videos in recent memory that’s modern without being completely ridiculous and meme-based. “Sparkly” is taken from Ravenna’s debut album, Girl Gone Wild, which will release November 6. Watch the premiere of the video above.