SoundCloud is in a transitionary period right now, with a lot of changes affecting the service and extended community as a whole. Through copyright-associated takedowns, advertisements, and streaming limits, the website is tightening its rules and increasing opportunities for monetization as it grows in size. This is all understandable of course, because SoundCloud is a business at its core, but there’s a worrying new development hitting the site in waves right now.

Our friends over at have reported that their SoundCloud account has been temporarily blocked for reposting tracks from other accounts numerous times now, receiving a message explaining that they’re doing it so frequently that their account “loses that human feeling.” It should be noted that the daily average number of reposts on their account is around 3-6 a day, which is on par with our own Pigeons & Planes SoundCloud account, which has yet to receive any sort of ban or even a warning. reports that their current ban lasts around nine hours, but apparently the bans get longer and longer each time after repeated offenses. While reposts have admittedly gotten to be a bit of problem on SoundCloud at times, but this seems a bit of a weird non-solution. The bans seem to be targeted, as I took to my personal account and reposted over sixty songs to see if anything would happen to my account, but nothing came of it.

On receiving a reposting ban more than once, SoundCloud sends the following message:

If you’re interested in what their creators tips are, the whole guide can be viewed here. While they make some great suggestions in that guide, the second link in the message is a lot more vague towards the actual reasons for blocking reposts for certain users. There’s no clear set of rules, but here’s hoping we’ll receive word on the full extent of the policies in the near future.

We reached out to SoundCloud for comment, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

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