We get that it can be tough out there for a musician and that many of them have to hold down other jobs while trying to make it in the industry, but we figured St. Vincent was accomplished enough to make music her sole profession. But that’s her in the photo above, sporting appropriate waitress attire and a can-do attitude as she works through an exhausting shift.

What’s really going on here is that her brother-in-law and sister—the family resemblance is ripe—just opened Resident Taqueria in Dallas on Thursday, and St. Vincent was helping out like any good sister (or sister-in-law) would, doing everything from refilling napkins to clearing tables.


Despite how excited her efforts seem to have made restaurant patrons, St. Vincent doesn’t seem to think her waitressing abilities are up to par, commenting on the above photo, “You learn new things every day. I learned that I am a terrible waitress.”

Regardless of her skill level, St. Vincent seems to work harder than we do. This is how we would probably feel after a long shift of slinging tacos and wiping down tables: